Your Team Will Develop Interpersonal Skills,
Improving Interaction With Others, and
Making Relationships Better!

Interaction Experience Training


is our core program that is aimed at improving customer relationships and improving communication skills . Repeat business is good. Repeat business is good.


Trust and credibility are the highest priorities and essential for successful leadership. They come from being a good team member and consistent, predictable behavior .


teaches team members how to motivate and develop elite mindsets and winning culture. You will better understand your behavior and that of others.


Emotional Intelligence is indeed an area of interest of its own. We have aligned with some of the experts in the field. Ask about our thoughts on the subject.


We can’t be everywhere we need to be to present these programs. Our goal is to turn over our training tools to others.


Almost all participants in the foundation programs retain and further develop the program’s skills with reinforcement from a coach or trusted mentor.

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I learned long ago the value of trust in a relationship and trust has to go both ways.

If “it’s” not working, and sometimes it just doesn’t, one of us needs to step away and find somebody else. If we don’t “click” we won’t do business.

In the meantime maybe it would help if you took a break and laughed for a while!!!

Careful ♥



Tribute to Jack Parr

Who is behind all this?

John Mays “Jack” Parr Jr opened Jack Parr Associates, Inc., in 1969.

Aided by his wife, Ann, they wrote customer relations training materials, known as “WE CARE” and presented the program in 14 countries and 47 states to nearly one-half million service-sector personnel. The company provided training and materials to an international consultant network as well.

I met Jack while working for Security Financial Life which later became Assurity, and learned firsthand why the program he and Ann developed became so successful. After leaving Assurity, I spent time with Jack and became “certified.” to deliver the programs they had offered for nearly 50 years.

Jack was known as an exceptionally generous person with an entrepreneurial spirit and one who innately built and developed relationships with all types of personalities. His obituary said – “He was especially drawn to marginal, displaced persons, providing food for the hungry and means for finding shelter and gaining an education.” That explains why he and I connected so well!

An athletic scholarship brought him to Kansas where he played basketball for Coach Tex Winter at Kansas State University. Following a record-setting college basketball career, he joined the Cincinnati Royals of the National Basketball Association.

Jack also officiated college basketball for ten years in the Big Eight Conference. He had a stellar sales career with Knights Sporting Goods Co. Jack led a roster of college athletes who attended the first Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Estes Park, Colorado, and he initiated and led numerous FCA camps at Rock Springs during the next ten years.

Dave Field

Communication skills are ranked FIRST among a job candidate’s “must-have” skills and qualities, Interactions can come in many forms. Today we communicate in person, by phone, via text, email, video conferencing, and sometimes even in person. We are building on programs originally developed by Jack Parr to help our clients and friends thrive in new opportunities to connect with others in a meaningful way. Dave believes that each of you at the end of the day works for yourselves, even if your “current engagement” involves getting a W-2. He thrives on new opportunities and his personal and business relationships are often intertwined. One thing he knows for certain is the value of trust in his relationships.  – If we don’t “click”, we won’t do business.  Our primary purpose is having fun and helping others. This our goal in work and in life.  Really

Testimonials From Others

Barclay Widerski

Sales Manager

“Dave Field really disects everything down to the core level making it easy to understand and why your company needs to do this. I highly recommend it. ”

Steve Hawkins

David is a known expert in his field and continues to expand his knowledge. The best thing I can say about David is you know he has your best interest at heart in everything he does.

James Canedy, MD

Dave is excellent at relationships and communication. He always keeps the needs of others as a priority and is innovative in solutions for his clients.

David Gittelman

David is one of those insurance professionals who can see opportunity, leverage it, capitalize on it, and communicate it so clearly to prospects and agents that people wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?" Great experience, great attitude, a pleasure to work with.

Heather Fusco

David was great to work for. His positive and witty nature made the workplace fun, engaging and productive. He was sure we were trained to be confident in ourselves to be detail oriented on daily tasks and in customer service. His pleasant nature attracts people to confide in him making him a great manager. If called to, I would work with David again.

Bryon Stuefer

Awesome guy to work with and very knowledgeable about his product line. Looking forward to working together again in the future.

Marge Zvolanek

I have worked with Dave in establishing and building several businesses - Edge Sales & Marketing Group and Convergence
. Dave is intelligent, resourceful, and very much an entrepreneur. I enjoyed the time building the business and learned a lot from Dave. His flexibility and out of the box thinking really helped in developing solutions!

Nikola Brooten

Marketing Specialist

“Myers–Briggs is great but it didn't allow us to know how an employee is really motivated or responds to pressure, Dave fixed that. This helps us create a much more cohesive workforce.”

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