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The founder of The Strategic Coach concepts, Dan Sullivan, developed a compelling list he calls the “Laws of Lifetime Growth.”  These concepts seem worth putting out for your consideration and attention as they fit into the ideas of Blue and Proactivity.

According to Sullivan when you take intelligence required for growth, people who never quit growing will develop a basic set of attitudes and habits that will keep them fresh and innovative.  Sullivan has provided us with seven “laws” for experiencing continual growth regardless of your physical age.

LAW #1 – Make your future more significant than your past

Do not let yourself get trapped in the past.  The past should stay in the past.  Sullivan tells us that history is full of rich experiences that are worth thinking about in new ways that can become the raw material for creating an even more prominent future.  You should use your past as a foundation for your future.  Think of it as a drawing board to steer away from situations, relationships, and activities that do not go away.

The Blue Proactive Application:  The blues are your future-oriented individuals.  They will use self-confidence and optimism as their springboard.

LAW #2 – Make your contribution more significant than your reward

Whenever there is growth, you have big prizes.  It is easy to become fixated on the prize, almost to the point of hoarding them for yourself.  You need to decrease your attention on the rewards.  Instead, start focusing on the creation of new kinds of value for a more substantial and more significant number of people, ensuring your contributions will be higher than the rewards.

The Blue Proactive Application:  As a blue, your thought will be that I am talented and worthy of the benefits and so are you.

LAW #3 – Make your learning more significant than your experience

The smartest people are those who can transform the smallest events or situations into a breakthrough in thinking and action.  If life is about education in the ways of living with every experience as a lesson, your learning will be higher than the background.

The Blue Proactive Application:  You will believe in the abundance of options making risk-taking a way of life.

LAW #4 – Make your performance more significant than your applause

In life, you gain more skills and are more useful, allowing for more recognition.  Making it intoxicating.  There will be a temptation to organize your life around the credit and praises of others.  It must be you and no one else.  It is you who can move life forward and surpass whatever you have done in the past.

The Blue Proactive Application:  You can self-congratulate with the desire to reflect your achievements quietly, allowing your innate creativity to move you forward, seemingly without effort.

LAW #5 – Make your gratitude more significant than your success

Those who experience long-term success will know success comes from the assistance of others.  When you acknowledge this and express gratitude will make the difference between those whose success continues and those whose success will get short-circuited.

As you take credit for your achievements and do not give credit to those who helped you, it will show that you are self-centered and isolated which will cause you to lose your creativity and the ability to succeed.  Expressing gratitude will motivate you to achieve even more for those who have helped you along the way.

The Blue Proactive Application:  You will have a belief in each person’s uniqueness and are kept aware that you are not alone.  The combination of all the backup styles such as gray, green and red, will make for the most fruitful results.

LAW #6 – Make your enjoyment more significant than your effort

Creativity has a link to playfulness.  You will want to feed your constant desire to do new things just for the fun of it.  Those who brag about how hard they have worked for their success will eventually become boring to others and themselves.  In turn, preventing personal creativity and usefulness in the world.  Through the difficult task of deciding whether to do it or not, you will need to assess the fun factor.

The Blue Proactive Application:  When you least expect it, your sense of humor and wit of play will appear.  Your fun and game will stay alive and well.

LAW #7 – Make your confidence more exceptional than your comfort

Your primary goals should not be security and convenience, putting you to sleep and help you to lose motivation.  You might have once had a dream and willing to take risks; however, if you put these factors as your goal, you will lose the confidence of what you could achieve.  Security and comfort are excellent byproducts of goal achievements.  Although, when they become the goal then your lifetime growth quickly stops. Treat pleasure as a temporary stage for establishing bigger goals.

The Blue Proactive Application:  Your freedom to explore will become a way of life.  You will welcome change and not fear them.  Manage your past knowledge and bring change for you to see for the first time all the new possibilities.

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