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Your Communication / Emotional Intelligence is important because it is an important component in the overall measurement of your intelligence. We have been following this for a long time. However, you may have noticed that a person with a high IQ is not doing the best professionally or personally.

That is because “book smarts” is not the only thing that matters. For years, we have only paid heed to exams, test results, and what not, because we feel that was the key to success. Having a high IQ is extremely helpful, but there is more to success than that. So, What has been missing?

Communication / Emotional Intelligence is your ability to perceive knowledge, learn from it, and then use it when needed. There are a variety of bits and pieces that combined, make up “intelligence”:

The Communication / Emotional Intelligence of an individual is what has been missing from the system. Your ability to understand various situations and respond to them in an effective manner to achieve optimum results. So, how to measure Emotional Intelligence? Well, there are five domains that form your EQ:

  • Self-awareness: This is the knack of recognizing your emotions as and when they take place.
  • Self-regulation: This is the command over your emotions in terms of managing impulsive reactions that may not be so wise.
  • Motivation: This is what drives you to achieve whatever aims you have set for yourself.
  • Empathy: This is your personal intuition as to what the other person may be feeling and how you can manage the situation positively.
  • Social Skills: These are skills you will need to interact with people and make an impact on your personality.

Understanding these aspects of your behavior will help you understand yourself better. When you understand yourself, it becomes easier to understand various scenarios and different sorts of people.

Having said that, it is important to note that people have their own personality. The aim is not to become the same as everyone else. The idea is to hone your own qualities and skills for a greater purpose, peace, and positivity.

The assessment we have put together takes into account the five main domains of EQ. It will help you in analyzing your attributes and inclinations for you to judge. It is true that we are our best critics.

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