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WHAT IS INTELLIGENCE ANYWAY? Your Communication / Emotional Intelligence is important because it is an important component in the overall measurement of your intelligence. We have been following this for a long time. However, you may have noticed that a person with a high IQ is not doing the best professionally or personally. That is […]

Staying Balanced

An excellent way of staying balanced is by considering your level of happiness.  Using a scale of 1 to 10 you can ask yourself, “How happy are you?” Start segregating what makes you happy and determine where there are gaps in your everyday life that keeps you from experiencing ongoing happiness or even joy. Project […]

Self Regulation Training

Do you need Self Regulation Training? One thing that we all need to keep doing in life is to evolve. You may have spent your entire youth studying laboriously and developing Self Regulation skills, honing your talents in order to get to where you are right now. Emotional Intelligence Training is learning how to pay […]

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Our “Colors” and What They Mean

Words spoken to people only account for a small portion of what is discussed between one person to another.  You get a much more significant picture of what is being communicated by being aware of both verbal and nonverbal communication. Knowing the nonverbal clues of colors boosts your understanding of yourself and others. Here is […]